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  w 08 January 2007
  Indite Technologies
  The perfect documentation is the one in which business is done in a user friendly way.

Corporate and Individual Training

Indite’s one of the core capability lies in providing on-job and off-job corporate training programs pertaining to Technical Writing. Our courses have been specifically designed keeping in mind the requirements, time and budget constraints of our prospects.

Organizations often find it a daunting task to maintain documentation consistency. Developers are engaged in development and have little time to spare on this secondary responsibility. Testers and support staff are too overwhelmed with their primary responsibilities leaving little room for documentation within tight deadlines. As a result, knowledge accumulates within organization in a phantom state which is next to inaccessible.

Even after repeated initiatives documentation that exists is incomplete, inconsistent or is of little use. As a task, documentation consumes ample effort and time; people face further hurdles like not knowing what to highlight, how to consolidate documents, incorrect composition or even lack of understanding towards purpose of documentation!

With Indite’s Technical Writing program, your existing staff can easily and efficiently handle its documentation responsibilities. Apart from basic rules of sentence construction, our consultants train your staff to identify the “niche” technology areas that must not be missed in any aspect of documentation.

Following our guidelines can help you build and sustain a reliable documentation culture within your organization. Our program begins with basic rules of technical writing and advances to high level documentation practices like creating interactive documents or use of visual documentation.

In order to maintain documentation consistency, guidelines provided during our training must be regularly followed in your organization. We do provide refreshment sessions and clarification of your queries post-session.

Benefits At the end of this session individuals or staff will be able to:

Learning objectives Indite’s Technical Writing program can accomplish following goals: Thin outline of our course is as follows: Know your reader Processes and instructions Designing documents Editing and reviewing Likewise, above program can be tailored to suit needs of aspiring individuals.
For further queries on training, e-mail us at:  
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